UEFA Euro 2012 Qualifications – Preview & Betting

September 7th, 2010

The Euro 2012 qualifiers continue tonight with five countries entering the fray having not kicked a ball in the campaign yet, so make sure you compare odds below.

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Group A sees Austria and Azerbaijan kicking off their path to the finals, facing Kazakhstan and Germany respectively.

It’s a tough clash for Azerbaijan considering the dominant force Germany has been in international football of late.

France has an uphill battle in Group D as they travel to play Bosnia and Herzegovina, after a dismal effort against Belarus last Friday.

Les Blues has also been heavily affected by injury – not weighing in well for new manager Laurent Blanc.

The Netherlands got off to a flying European start beating San Marino 5-0, and will look to continue that against Finland tonight.

They’re the hot favourite at Ladbrokes.com.au, although the Finnish would pay well for punters going against the odds.

England may have played well in their 4-0 win over Bulgaria, but they’re not off the hook for their disappointing show in the World Cup earlier this year.

They will have a tougher challenge tonight, as they travel to Switzerland for a game set as a thriller.

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Spain are the favourites at $5 and proved themselves a solid contender with a 4-0 win over Liechtenstein while Germany are slightly out at $6.

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Euro 2012 Qualification Fixtures

Date Group Match & Odds Kick-Off (AEST)
08.09.10 A Turkey ($1.62) Vs Belgium ($6) 04.00
08.09.10 A Austria ($1.29) Vs Kazakhstan ($12) 04.30
08.09.10 A Germany ($1.01) Vs Azerbaijan ($51) 04.45
08.09.10 B Russia ($1.53) Vs Slovakia ($7) 01.00
08.09.10 B FYR Macedonia ($1.57) Vs Armenia ($6.50) 04.00
08.09.10 B Republic of Ireland ($1.02) Vs Andorra ($51) 04.45
08.09.10 C Serbia ($1.57) Vs Slovenia ($6) 04.30
08.09.10 C Italy ($1.02) Vs Faroe Islands ($51) 04.45
08.09.10 D Belarus ($2.62) Vs Romania ($2.70) 03.30
08.09.10 D Albania ($1.29) Vs Luxembourg ($12) 04.15
08.09.10 D Bosnia and Herzegovina ($2.62) Vs France ($2.70) 05.00
08.09.10 E Sweden ($1.01) Vs San Marino ($67) 04.00
08.09.10 E Netherlands ($1.12) Vs Finland ($21) 04.30
08.09.10 E Hungary ($1.50) Vs Moldova ($7) 04.30
08.09.10 F Georgia ($3) Vs Israel ($2.38) 03.00
08.09.10 F Malta ($4.50) Vs Latvia ($1.73) 03.30
08.09.10 F Croatia ($1.62) Vs Greece ($5.50) 04.30
08.09.10 G Bulgaria ($1.70) Vs Montenegro ($5.50) 03.30
08.09.10 G Switzerland ($4.33) Vs England ($1.91) 04.45
08.09.10 H Denmark ($1.30) Vs Iceland ($11) 04.15
08.09.10 H Norway ($3.20) Vs Portugal ($2.30) 04.30
08.09.10 I Czech Republic ($1.30) Vs Lithuania ($9) 04.15
08.09.10 I Scotland ($1.08) Vs Liechtenstein ($26) 05.00