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The 2010-11 A-League Season will head into week six this Friday evening, so if you want to make the most of the soccer betting action head to . The fight at the top of the ladder looks set to heat up, with Adelaide United and Perth Glory level on points….


Soccer betting around the world is becoming one of the most popular betting markets due to its extensive list of betting types and the excitement and anticipation associated with the game. Whether you are only interested in English football or prefer to gamble on different games around the world, majority of online bookmakers will offer bets on all major football clubs.

The biggest games in the world are undoubtedly the European cup, British Cup, FA Cup, UEFA Cup with the English Premier League and the Champions League as the most popular divisions to wager on. However the options do not end there, with soccer spreading as far as Scandinavia and as far south as Asia and Australia, punters can literally wager on thousands of games each year.

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Although the most profitable betting takes place during the World Cup and UEFA events, soccer fans can make a steady substitute income from online betting on the game as long as they take the time to do their homework. Analysing game and player statistics, reading forums and capping games are all methods which top punters use to ensure they are placing the safest wager down on a team.

Soccer Betting Types

Match betting allows the punter to select whether a team will win, lose or draw in a game. Known more commonly as a head-to-head wager, match betting is the simplest form of soccer betting.

Line betting is often referred to as handicap betting as the bookmaker places a handicap on the favourite and underdog teams. The favourite team is assigned an amount such as -1.5 and the underdog team is given a +1.5 handicap. This means that the favourite needs to win the match by 2 goals for the punter to win his bet. If the punter wagered on the underdog team, they must either win the game outright or they must lose by less than 1 goals difference.

Margin betting involves the punter betting on the difference between the favourite’s and underdog’s team score. The bookmaker selects a margin of difference between the two teams’ scores and the punter bets against this margin.

Under/Over bets are a difficult bet to win and are often left to the more experienced punters. The punter is required to bet on whether the game’s score will be over or under a set amount determined by the bookmaker. So if the number was 2.5, the punter would either have to wager the score being under 2 goals or would finish with 3 or more goals.

Correct Score betting is once again another bet which is in the more advanced levels of betting. The punter is required to select what the final score of the game will be and if they are correct they will receive their payout. The only catch is, this bet only applies to the regular time, it does not include any scores attained during overtime.

First Goalscorer bets require the punter to select which team will score first in the game. This can be a complicated bet however it offers fantastic odds if you are correct so if you are just having some fun why not try your luck.

The Half Time/Full Time Double bet allows the punter to choose what the game’s scores will be at the end of the first half and at full time. Bet the scores correctly for each half and you take home a great amount of cash!

To Win To Nil is a simple bet where the punter wins if one team wins and the other team scores no points, easy!

Asian Handicaps offer punters a better chance at winning compared to regular betting odds. The punter is only required to select one of two betting options as the draw is eliminated. Each team is given a handicap to make the game more even and there are two types of Asian handicaps available, a single or a split (double or quarter) handicap. Just like a standard line bet, the favourite is given a (-) amount and the underdog a (+) amount to give the game an equal condition. For example, Manchester United vs. Barcelona and the underdog (Barcelona) is given a 0.5 goal handicap. To get the best outcome from this game, subtract the handicap off the final score. As a result, if the final score is Manchester United beat Barcelona 2-1, 0.5 must be subtracted from the favourite team so the outcome of the game is in fact 1.5 – 1.

Match Live betting allows the punter to bet on the game during the half time break. This gives the punter the best idea as to how each team is playing and their possible performance in the next half of the game.

Future bets are fantastic as they offer the highest odds possible as the punter is required to place the bet before the soccer season begins however this is a high risk bet. Punters can wager on which team will be the premiership winner, the top goal scoring player of the season or they can bet on which three teams will be promoted up to the Premier League.

World Cup Soccer Betting

The FIFA World Cup is the world’s largest sporting event excluding the Olympics. Attracting the supreme crop of soccer talent from each and every nation around the world, the Soccer World Cup is a dazzling display of skill, fortitude, desperation and disappointment. With 32 nations qualifying out of over 200 member affiliations, there are several million disappointed people before the World Cup even begins. There can only be one winner at the end of a month of soccer matches, and they are unanimously applauded as the best soccer nation in the world until the next World Cup four years later.

World Cup soccer betting is huge. Every single international bookmaker, such as, gets on board and promotes every possible aspect for the game. There is always a bet to made, whether it’s on the first goal, number of corners, goals per half, first scorer, first yellow card, etc. There is always a World Cup soccer betting opportunity for every punter.

How to Bet on Soccer

Understanding betting odds is a simple task once you learn how to read the numbers assigned to each team on the betting markets. Using a simple head-to-head bet, the betting odds will be displayed something like this:

Arsenal 2.82

Portsmouth 2.53

As Australian bookmakers stick to decimal odds, we will use them as our guide in this article. So the punter decides they will place $80 on Arsenal winning the match. The odds of 2.82 indicate that for every one betting unit the punter wagers, they will receive 2.82 times that amount if they wager correctly. So if Arsenal was to win, the punter would receive (2.82 x $80) = $225.6, which includes the original $80 wagered on the team. Essentially, they have won $145.60!